Monday, January 12, 2009


One last lame post before I go back to the 1980's. About 3 months ago, after spending 32 days in Tacuati, I left to check internet and buy Peanut Butter. That very same day an Anaconda was caught in the Ypane, the river which the town lies next to. Legit sources say this is the first Anaconda caught in over 20 years anywhere in the area. Legit sources also say this is, without doubt, the most exciting thing that has happened in Tacuati in over 200 years. Luckily my site mate Mary Walker was around the take pictures. The Peanut Butter that I was so desperate to have sits unopened on my desk, mocking  yet another poor life decision I've made.

 Some of the pictures can be a little graphic, so deal with that.

20ft long, se dice
The Terror
Of course it had a partially digested Capybara in its stomach

Vacation Vacation

Tomorrow I’ll be heading back to Tacuati after over two weeks of tomfoolery in Argentina and Uruguay. Here's a real short something on those two magical, beef filled weeks. Apologies to my Vegetarian and Vegan friends... or to the animals....??

 On December 28th I took an 18hr bus ride to Buenos Aires with 5 other Peace Corp Volunteers. I would even call some of them my friends. My brother Bart and our two friends Jade and Steve from Chicago met up with us for two weeks of heavy meat consumption, cheap wine and rare, sober glimpses of historically significant sites.

La Recoleta Cemetery is one the most visted sites in Buenos Aires and, like we had planned, we arrived 45 minutes before closing, just enough time to whisk through the intricately detailed Mausoleums of Argentina's most famous historical figures. Feral cats can found strewn through out. 

Cool dudes
There really are a bunch of cats everywhere

Palacio Barolo provided us with a BA (Bad ass) view of BA (Buenos Aires). The building had something to do with Dante's Divine Comedy... just click on the link.

Rebecca - Liam - Bart - Jade - Stu
Bart - A sturdy looking man

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feliz Ano Nuevo

New Years - Buenos Aires

My 2009 New Year Resolution calls for a break from my 1999 New Year Resolution, which ceased all new resolution making.  My eighth grade self was trying to end the damage inflicted from the continued failings of previous new year resolutions. 

This year I'm ready to commit.
While Tacuati continues to remain Internet free, my new resolution pleads for a more legit effort to keep up communication with friends and family. No longer will I send out long, self loathing emails to great aunts without computers.  Everyone shall partake and I'll update the site as often as possible.

This new resolution will also assist me in completing 1 of the three Peace Corps goals: To help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans. 

I want to help you understand Paraguayans.

Happy New Year.